Side Events

A number of side events to the European Days for Sustainable Circular Economy, which is on 30.9.-, will be organised around the main event, and below you can find a description of these; more side events will be added on a regular basis.

Please note that each side event has its own registration.

SITE-VISIT: Visit to Qvidja pilot farm 2nd of October 2019

Circular economy (recycled fertilizers), novel bioenergy, research fields for carbon sequestration – Qvidja Farm ( is full of sustainability in practice, research actions and climate positive work. Giving nature space and increasing biodiversity is the goal and means in this farm. Qvidja is the oldest manor in Finland, 850 ha (2100 ac) of field and forest. The day includes walk-and-talk tutorial starting from the historical castle, visiting the trial fields, grass-fed animals and bioenergy plant.

The visit is hosted by owners of the manor, key environmental figures Saara Kankaanrinta and Dr. Ilkka Herlin. Kankaanrinta is the Chair of Carbon Action Initiative and BSAG Foundation, and in the steering group of Circular economy of Finland.  Both Kankaanrinta and Herlin are the co-Founders of BSAG, Soilfood Ltd and Qvidja Power Ltd. Herlin is also the major owner and Chair of Cargotec Corporation, and Kankaanrinta board member of Sulapac ltd.

Initial programme:

– 9.00: Bus trip to the farm (bus leaves: in front of Kiasma museum, Mannerheiminaukio 2)

– 11.00: Welcome to the farm

– 11.30: Local food lunch and presentations, coffee

– 12-14: Walk and talk around the pilot farm action spots

– 14.00: Bus to Helsinki

– 16.00: Return to Kiasma

The broad spectrum of activities at the Farm allow for the creation of a unique experience.

During the day you will hear more about actors of circular economy and regenerativity, all founded by the owners of Qvidja Farm.

Please register by 17th of September 2019. The visit can accommodate up to 50 participants. Please note that due to restricted capacity, guests from the EU Member States will be given priority.

Register here:

Baltic Sea Action Group (Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea, BSAG)

BSAG works to restore the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. The foundation’s focus is on advancing sustainable agricultural practices and nutrient cycling, mitigating climate change, and protecting biodiversity. BSAG brings together politicians, scientists, businesses and other relevant parties to work in collaboration for the environment.

BSAG’s Carbon Action -project fights climate change by developing and exploring ways to accelerate soil carbon sequestration and to verify the results scientifically. 100 Finnish farmers are testing different carbon farming methods in practice, while researchers study the movement and sequestration of carbon in the test fields. Carbon Action has also provoked interest in major Finnish companies representing the food chain. The goal is to integrate carbon sequestration and storage into legislation both on the national and EU level.

Sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and storing it into the soil not only mitigates climate change, but also improves soil health and increases biodiversity and ecosystem resilience. It also helps the Baltic Sea, as healthy soil retains water and nutrients more efficiently and thus prevents eutrophication.


Circular economy in agriculture – how to advance nutrient circulation, soil quality and healthy environment 30.9.2019


Focus on the HELCOM Regional Nutrient Recycling Strategy and EU level policies

Event venue and time:
Finlandia-hall, Aurora seminar room (
Monday, 30 September 11:30-13:45

Confirmed speakers:

  • Sirpa Pietikäinen, MEP
  • Saara Bäck, Ministry of the Environment of Finland, HELCOM Chairperson
  • Jean-François Soussana, INRA
  • Juha Nousiainen, Valio
  • Sari Luostarinen, Luke

Event includes lunch for the participants at 13:15-13:45.

Register here: Registration.

The event is organized by Baltic Sea Action Group (BSAG) as part of the Interreg-funded platform SuMaNu – Sustainable Manure and Nutrient Management for reduction of nutrient loss in the Baltic Sea Region. SuMaNu is a platform project which aims to analyse and synthesize approaches to sustainable manure and nutrient management based on four international projects. These are Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects Baltic Slurry Acidification and Manure Standards, Interreg Central Baltic project GreenAgri and BONUS Programme project BONUS PROMISE.

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EIT Festival

Wednesday 2nd October 2019
Otaniemi Campus, Espoo

Do you know that EIT is Europe’s largest innovation network?

EIT empowers innovators through its unique ecosystem that brings together business, education and research to find solutions to pressing global challenges. It covers the entire pipeline of innovation activities to help the transition from student to entrepreneur, from idea to product and from lab to customer. The EIT’s Innovation Communities work in areas that make the difference to this planet, the EU and its citizens: from climate, digitisation, renewable energies to health, raw materials and food with manufacturing and mobility in the making. Already today the EIT delivers on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in a very tangible way.

Welcome to the EIT Festival to discover EIT Innovation Communities in Finland!

Through the showcases and success stories from three sectors (EIT Digital, EIT Food and EIT RawMaterials), the festival aims to highlight how the EIT delivers innovation and impacts with its “Knowledge Triangle Integration” (Education, Research, Industry).

You will have the opportunity to learn on how you or your organization can benefit from EIT’s various support programs and to network with the EIT Community partners for future collaboration.

In partnership with Aalto University, the EIT Festival day will also put the spotlight on the renewed vibrant Aalto Campus in Otaniemi where the main event will take place. Various partners and collaborators of the EIT Community in Finland will hold stands and exhibition at the Science & Innovation Exhibition space.

Read more about the event and register at: